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Dwarven Oil*5


Grain Solvent*5


Honing Stone*5


Tempering Alloy














Elegant Lining*5


Dreugh Wax


Racial Motifs 11: Ancient Elves(NA Server)


Racial Motifs 14: Daedric(NA Server)


Racial Motifs 11: Ancient Elves(EU Server)


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  • WOW Guide: Amazing Buff in Arena in Patch 5.4 07/02/2013
    I believe it that players who are addicted to the PVP must have encountered or heard about the situation before, that the two parties are of equal capacities and they all have great healing in the team, which lead to the...
  • WOW Poll: Which Content Do You Expect Most in Patch 5.4 06/24/2013
    Official site has released the content of the Patch 5.4 PTR. It seems that there are many attracting new features and new contents going to be added in this new patch. Firstly, the Flexible raid difficulty helps fulfill...
  • WOW Guide: Looking Forward to the Flexible Raid in Patch 5.4 in WOW 06/14/2013
    Not long after the patch 5.3, players started to pay attention to the new content in Patch 5.4. This time, Blizzard comes up with a totally new flexible raid. According to the introduction for this new mode and the answe...
  • WOW Guide: Five Good Habits to Help You Enjoy WoW Better 06/06/2013
    We all have our own habits in game. Some of them are good as they can help us upgrade and farm wow gold much faster. Some of them are bad as they may always put us into troubles. Today, we are going to talk about five go...
  • WOW Poll: Which Suit for the Hunter Do You Like Best? 05/31/2013
    One temptation that all of us can not resist is the suit. Just like we like to wear nice clothes in the real life, we want our classes in game to wear the suits which can prove our glorious past and formidable experience...
  • WoW Guide: Several Suggestions to the World of Warcraft 05/29/2013
    We all acknowledge the achievement the World of Warcraft has got in the MMROGP. Even after so many times of ups and downs, it is still enjoying such special status in players’ heart. No matter what kinds of problems it i...
  • WOW Poll: Should Blizzard Punish the Members Who Leave the Team Halfway 05/27/2013
    While we explore in the raids, the first thing we need to do is to form a team. No matter you form it by yourself or by random, you are a team after that. What you should do is to look out for each other and be corporate...
  • WOW Poll: What Size of Team Do You Like Most in the Raids 05/23/2013
    While we adventure in the raids, what we need most is not the wow gold, but the team members always. In no raids that can you fight alone. You need the other players to play different roles in the team, and face the scar...
  • 4WOWGOLD: Something We Want to Explain to You 05/22/2013
      It has really been a very long time since we established this store to supply our customers wow gold and service. In these years, many new customers came, and some old customers left. Recently, we have concluded ...
  • WOW Guide: Follow the Trend and Enjoy the Patch 5.3 05/21/2013
    Patch 5.3 is finally released today in the disputes and criticisms. We can see it and feel it in game and forums that our players are not satisfied with the changes being made in the new patch. Some even threatened that ...
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